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ManicMetal#4: Trevor [The Black Dahlia Murder] & Sven [Aborted]

September 15th, 2018

Blast Fiends Assemble! Episode #4 is here & I've got another HUGE double header for you! Trevor Strnad [The Black Dahlia Murder] & Sven de Caluwé [Aborted] are my guests ahead of their massive Aussie/NZ tour that's kicking off in a week. Both of these dudes are super entertaining & I had a blast putting this show together.

TBDM are headed back down under in support of their latest album "Nightbringers" & Trevor & I got right into the recording of the album, we talk about the band's rabid supporters The Blast Fiends, his appearance on the new Metal Allegiance record & love of Aussie meat pies. I also chatted to him about the time I did stand up comedy at a Black Dahlia show [first time they've ever had a comedian on the bill - BAM].

Next up on the show is Sven from Aborted. Their new record "Terrorvision" is due for release on September 21st & we go deep into the recording of the album, the state of PC culture [& related experiences touring in the US] & a potential dinner date with Jason from Psycroptic... Sven even impressed me with some classic Australian expletives he learned on tour with Disentomb.

In between the interviews you'll hear the track "Waves Of The Blackest Mire" by killer Aussie death-n-roll band Earth Rot. They've toured with bands such as Carcass, Gorgoroth, Taake, Shining, Marduk & Fleshgod Apocalypse [to name just a few] & are heading out as the main support act for DIMMU BORGIR's Aussie Tour in October. 

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ManicMetal#3: Jean-Paul [CLUTCH] Armed hold ups, bad decisions & 27 years of Pure Rock Fury

September 13th, 2018

Welcome to Episode #03 of the Manic Metal Show! Prepare yourself for some Pure Rock Fury as we catch up with Jean-Paul Gaster from the band CLUTCH.

Clutch have just released their new album Book Of Bad Decisions & it's yet another absolutely brilliant rock record. We get right into Clutch's songwriting process, working with acclaimed producer Vance Powell, go over the genesis of a bunch of classic Clutch tunes & J.P even tells me about the time the band were held up at gun point after a show. Holy sheet!

Clutch are one of the greatest rock bands of all time & having the opportunity to get deep into their songwriting process and hear some amazing stories from Jean-Paul just blew my mind. The new record is out now via Weathermaker Music & you NEED a copy!

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#37HMN: Tech N9ne [Rap God/Strange Music CEO] & Bluntfield [Aussie MC] Hip Hop Edition

September 10th, 2018

Episode #37 is here and this time it's an all Hip Hop Edition of the Show, featuring the greatest rapper on earth Tech N9ne: who is set to begin his Australian tour this week. Tech was a great guy to talk to & as the highest selling independent rap artist in history, he's got a lot of insight into the music industry. It was such a great opportunity to talk to a living legend & I know you'll all love this interview. Get yourself a lesson in the rap game: YEAH BOY!!!!!!

Following that I caught up with Bluntfield, who is easily one of the best MCs in Australia. He recently won the War Of The Words Battle Championship, has been nominated for a West Australian Music Industry Award & is a good friend of mine. We talk all things hip hop, some MMA and dissect two of the worst/best Hip Hop tracks that can be found online. Bluntfield also gives us a sneak peek at a track from his upcoming EP, we talk about his promotions company Mad Fap Entertainment & spit some freestyling at the end of the episode. In between both parts of the show you can check out the debut track from my hip hop EP titled "This Is Why I'm Dark".

More Hip Hop than you can handle! Dig it! Please, get your tickets to Tech N9ne's tour ASAP before they sell out, share the show, leave a comment & stay rad!

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ManicMetal#2: Addi [SÓLSTAFIR] & Jonas [DRAGONLAND]

September 1st, 2018

Hell yeah fukkas! It's Episode #2 of The Manic Metal Show with two insane bands on the line. Sólstafir [Iceland] AND Dragonland [Sweden]!!!

Icelandic rock legends Sólstafir are currently on tour in Australia with Enslaved, & I caught up with Addi Tryggvason [Guitar/Vocals] just before he boarded the plane to Australia. I was at their show in Perth a couple of nights back and holy $hit are they amazing. One of those bands you truly have to check out yourself as no description will do it justice. Fans of the band already know how killer they are, my recommendation would be to check out their tracks "Ótta" and "Goddess Of The Ages".

Power Metal Fans REJOICE as the 2nd part of the show [at 16mins] is with Jonas Heidgert of Swedish band Dragonland: who are about to hit Australia for their debut tour in just a few short days. Dragonland have been around for many years creating amazing power/neo-classical metal that will blow your mind. He's a great cat and it was fantastic to be able to have a chat to him all about the band prior to their tour. Check out their legendary track "The Black Mare" or their cover of "The NeverEnding Story" theme song for a power metal punch to the teeth!

Smack bang in the middle of the episode is the track Masterplan by Aussie Power Metal legends Silent Knight to get you amped up for the interview with Jonas from Dragonland!

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ManicMetal#1: Scott Ian [ANTHRAX] & Scott Moss [MINUS LIFE]

August 26th, 2018

Hailz Headbangers!!! Get your neck warmed up because the godfather of thrash himself is on the line! That's right, it's Scott Ian from Anthrax, S.O.D and The Damned Things! We talk all about his upcoming "One Man Riot: Spoken Word Tour" in Australia, stand up comedy, heavy metal, Scott shares some crazy stories and I tell him about a guy from my home town in regional Queensland who claimed to be in a band with him.... Was that true? I'll let Scott tell you.

You also get not one dose, but two doses of Scotts in this episode with Scott Moss: lead vocalist for Aussie metal band Minus Life. Minus Life were one of the leading bands in Queensland when I first started performing in bands & after a long hiatus they're back to tear your faces off again. We get into what the band is up to now & in between the two interviews you can get your windmill on with the classic Minus Life track "Bodies On Fire".

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#36HMN: Peter James [Comedian] Babyccino Breast Milk & Premium Potting Mix

August 22nd, 2018

It's Episode #36 with Queensland comedian Peter James! Pete was a National Finalist in the Class Clowns Competition a few years back [aka RAW Comedy for High Schoolers] & runs Laughing Heart Comedy based out of The Reef Casino in Cairns. We caught up when I was in Cairns recently & got stuck into the important issues.

Such as a lady named Apple who feeds her baby donated breast milk. No, you didn't misread that & that's just a hint of her insanity. Homemade baby wipes? We talk premium potting mix, friendly drug dealers & tell tales of embarrassment. Ever wondered what's so good about Heroin? Me too! Join us on a wild adventure that will teach you little and entertain you plenty.

Peter is a killer young comic who's going to be massive in the coming years! Get your giggle on with a podcast from Mum's back patio in sunny Cairns!



#35HMN: Adrian Alaberg [Comedian] Dish Cart Racing, Croatians, Racists & Mental Hell-th

August 22nd, 2018

All aboard with the Croatian Sensation himself: Adrian Alaberg [Comedian]. Adrian has a tonne of hilarious sketches on YouTube, he's a regular guest on Channel 9 & he's an awesome stand up comic.

We caught up in a Perth food court for an ADD style podcast: Croatia almost won the world cup: hear two people who know nothing about soccer discuss this achievement! We have a running dish-cart commentary throughout the episode [listen to find out what the f#ck that means]. Given Adrian's background in psychology we get into some psych ward stories, which transitions into religious cult stories & some "fond" (note overt sacrasm) memories of good old fashioned Central QLD racism.

More of the same high quality programming you've come to expect from the show! Thanks for tuning in & make sure you get on board and follow Adrian's antics online!!



#34HMN: Mitchell Tinley [Comedian-Hit96.1] BBall & MMA dreams: An ADHD adventure

July 24th, 2018

Episode #34 is here! Mitchell Tinley is my guest & he's a true renaissance man. Radio Host [Hit 96.1], Podcaster [Mitchell & Michael Show], Comedian, Failed Basketballer [like me!], MMA Ring Announcer [Eternal MMA] & about to take his first MMA fight. What can't he do? Stay on topic for one!

Mitchell & I met while performing in the Perth comedy scene; but now he's a big shot doing morning radio in Mt Gambier [SA] so we have to catch up on the phone. 

We get into a bunch of sh#t: MMA, grappling, comedy, douche-bags, failed basketball dreams, mental instability, confidence & go on more tangets than hey look a pigeon! An absolute pleasure to catch up and I'm sure you're gonan love Episode #34!

Thanks as always for the support!! Douglas Harvey

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#33HMN - Douglas’ guide to surviving the “Nut House” & wife-swapping for Jesus

June 24th, 2018

Welcome to Episode #33 with your favourite Bipolar Rock N Rolla Douglas Harvey. Another solo show where I delve deep into the "Dos and Don'ts" of surviving your stay in the nut house and you'll meet a couple who share their love of the Lord via gang-bangs. I guessing filling holes heals souls? Shockingly, their rationale is pretty weak [or should I say flacid?].

How do you get better, while surrounded by crackheads?
If you find magic mushrooms 10ft from the clinic should you eat them?
How do you pass the time and stay sane, or regain your sanity?
Meds? Food? Crazy Patients. I got you fokkers covered!

Get out there & share your wife's poontang around because that's what Jesus wants [according to the special-needs-roid-monkey who opens the show]. Stay the path. Be kind to one another. Most importantly, be kind to yourself!

If you or a loved one are experiencing mental health issues you call call either of the organisations below and they will be able to provide you with some advice, links to services that may assist you and most importantly they'll lend you an ear. HAIL SANTA - Douglas

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#32HMN - Douglas does the news [Deadly schlongs, racist burgers, poo-bandits, sewer divers & volcanoes

June 7th, 2018

[Episode #32] This time it's a Solo Douglas Expedition into news and current world events. In saying that, all but one of the world events are occurring in Western Australia [and they're all f*cking ridiculous].

I worry about the important issues so I felt it was time to address them. I think I found my favourite guy ever. Old Kevvy from Mandurah has was arrested for threatening police: with his big old schlong. We have a serial park sh*tter terrorising the parkland in Cockburn [lolol they tell me it's pronounced "Co-burn"]. Could Kev be responsible for both crimes? I think so! 

15 minutes drive from my house is a restaurant causing a fuss because of a burger they sell, called the "Ching Chong Burger". Did an Asian person get upset? Nah, the owner's Chinese. Of course it was a white Mum. Volcanoes are blowing their lids and f*cking sh*t up and sewer workers in Bangladesh literally swim through sh*t for about $12 a day.

The news you need, when you need it. No FAKE NEWS here.

Cheers!!! Douglas